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Genomics Leader Tiffany F. Boughtwood joins Chromodiversity Foundation Advisory Board

💡🏩 BREAKING NEWS - Tiffany Boughtwood is the Managing Director of Australian Genomics, an Australian Government initiative supporting genomic research and its translation into clinical practice through broad engagement and a collaborative national approach.

She is also one of 15 genomic leaders appointed to the World Health Organization’s (#WHO) new Technical Advisory Group on Genomics (TAG-G).

Tiffany has a 25 years’ experience in molecular biology and research management. This includes:

  • Leading academic and diagnostic laboratories

  • Collaborating internationally in genetic and genomic research

  • Consulting in genomic implementation and management 

We are honored to announce Tiffany’s joining of  My XXY | Chromodiversity Foundation.

#Chromodiversity Advisory Board Members 2024

💜 🧬Alfred Jonker - Chromodiverse President Klinefelter Association

🏩 Claus Højbjerg Gravholt - Consultant & Professor Aarhus University Hospital

🏩 David Godler - Group Leader, Murdoch Children's Research Institute

💜 🧬 Elizabeth Beck - Chromodiverse Director Cushman & Wakefield

💡 Fons Trompenaars - Culture Guru & Thinkers 50 Hall of Fame

📣 John Aylward - Chief Marketing Officer, JC Penny

📣 Kyoko Matsushita - CEO, WPP Japan

📣 Lori Almeida - Chief Human Resources Officer, Allison Worldwide

🏩 Dr. Nicole Tartaglia - Founder & Director of eXtraordinaY Kids Clinic

💡 Dr. Prasun J. Mishra - Life Science & Healthcare Thought Leader

📣 Rudi Anggono, Visionary Leader & Creative Director, Lego

💜 🧬 Stephen Malherbe - Chromodiverse Author ‘Living With My X’

📣 Susie Hamlin - Global Technology Marketing Leader

💡 🏩 Tiffany Boughtwood - Managing Director Australian Genomics

📣 Vineet Thaper - Global Healthcare Leader & Entrepreneur

🧬 Lived Experience Leader; 💜 Family Advocacy Leader;  🏩 Research / Clinical Leader;  💡Thought Leader; 📣 Business & Marketing Leader

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