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What Are the Cognitive Features of Klinefelter?

“Contrary to other genetic syndromes that arise from chromosomal trisomy (eg, Down syndrome trisomy 18), the overall cognitive abilities of males with Klinefelter syndrome typically are within the range of average intellectual ability. Most males with the 47,XXY karyotype have normal intelligence. (…) About 70% have minor developmental and learning disabilities. These may include academic difficulties, delayed speech and language acquisition, diminished short-term memory, decreased data-retrieval skills, reading difficulties, dyslexia, and attention deficit disorder.”

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A review that suggests that contrary to outdated beliefs, most people with an extra 47th X chromosome have normal intelligence, and the academic challenges they often face are due to differences in the way they learn and mild developmental delays.

Medscape, 23 March 2020 (Free registration with Medscape required to read full article).

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