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What Is Neurodiversity, and Which Companies Are Hiring?

Updated: Dec 10, 2021

"The neurodiversity paradigm suggests that, because neurological differences are normal and have existed throughout human history, they should be respected, understood, and supported, rather than pathologized or viewed as disordered. There is nothing to cure. Modifying the environment of a neurodiverse individual, reducing stigma, and prioritizing each person’s inherent dignity will, proponents argue, allow for such individuals to discover innate talents and thrive within a diverse society."

To increase the diversity of its workforce, Microsoft developed a hiring program geared solely toward those on the spectrum—people who would never make it through a standard phone interview. Some of the roles filled at Microsoft include software engineer, lab engineer, data analyst, and data scientist. The company has hired more than 100 people on the spectrum. In Germany, the technology company SAP moved on an initiative to hire hundreds of individuals on the spectrum as software engineers and product-testers. Other companies that hire the neurodiverse include Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan Chase, Dell, among others."

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