Our Mission

We work hard everyday to better the lives of individuals, families and communities through three causes: Raising Awareness, Improving Lives and Unlocking Futures. Learn more about our efforts and how working together can make a lasting impact! Contact us if you’d like more information on how to donate, volunteer or partner with us.

Raise Awareness

  • One of our main causes is Raising Awareness, an urgent issue that touches many millions of lives around the world. 

  • We aim to raise positive global awareness of genetic variation, and 'flip the script' of how it is considered from 'deficit' to 'difference'. 

  • We spend significant resources on getting the word out, with initiatives in progress such as the publishing of a true story designed for children, families, teachers and healthcare professionals: "Me, Myself and XXY: Growing Up with Chromodiversity™".

​Most Common Genetic Variations in Children Not Diagnosed in 3 of 4 Cases
Improve Lives
  • When it comes to chromodiversity™, everyone is different. But one thing is certain: early diagnosis and intervention is the single biggest predictor of positive lifelong health, social and professional outcomes. 

  • With the rapid rise of early age genetic screening, our most ambitious project is the building of a Virtual Multi-Speciality Chromodiversity™ Clinic designed to give health care providers, educators, families and individuals easy to access and understand information and support.

Different Children, One Solution: Early Intervention
Unlock Futures
  • One of the main reasons My XXY was founded in 2020 was to compensate for the struggles of people with chromodivergence face in at school & in the workplace - and unlock dormant reservoirs of untapped abilities. 

  • That's why we've dedicated 1000s of hours & invested countless resources to fast track our eXtra Skills eXperience Program, and hope you’ll help us continue this urgent work. ​

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