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Our Mission

Our mission is to change the way the world perceives and supports genetic difference, starting with children. We work hard everyday to better the lives of individuals, families and communities through three causes: Raising Awareness, Changing Lives and Unlocking Futures

Raise Awareness


​Common Genetic Differences in Children Not Diagnosed in 9 out of 10 Cases

  • One of our main causes is Raising Awareness, an urgent issue that touches many millions of lives around the world. 

  • We aim to raise positive global awareness of common genetic variations, flip the scrip from "deficit" to "difference", and support health care providers, educators and families with easy to access practical tools.  

  • We spend significant resources on initiatives such as our Chromodiversity™ Podcast and the launch of Chromodiversity™ Celebration Month

​Most Common Genetic Variations in Children Not Diagnosed in 3 of 4 Cases
Change Lives

Different Children, One Solution: Early Intervention

  • When it comes to chromodiversity, everyone is different. But one thing is certain: early intervention is single biggest predictor of positive lifelong health, social and professional outcomes. 

  • However as genetic screening becomes accessible to all, the gap between diagnosis and well-informed care for families is rapidly growing. 

  • Our most ambitious project is bridge the gap between genetic screening and coordinated care, by building of remote tools designed to help families support children with genetic variations. 

Different Children, One Solution: Early Intervention
Unlock Futures

"Strengths First" Extra Skills Program

  • One of the main reasons our charity was founded in 2020 was to help create equal opportunity for fulfilling live for people with common genetic variations. 

  • We believe one of the most effective ways to create better futures is to always presume competence, and focus on promoting strengths first. 

  • That's why we've dedicated 1000s of hours & invested countless resources to fast track our Extra Skills Program, and hope you’ll help us continue this urgent work. ​

Become a Corporate Sponsor of Our eXtra Skills eXperience Program
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