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Inspired by a Boy Named Merlin

Who We Are

Inspired by the story of a remarkable boy born with an extra 47th X chromosome, My XXY | Chromodiversity™ Foundation was established in 2020 in Tempe, AZ as a US non-profit organization. Initially focused on XXY, we broadened scope in 2021 to all X&Y chromosome variations and other genetic differences. 


Chromodiversity refers to genetic code differences in people’s DNA. Just as ‘biodiversity’ refers to the diversity of life and ‘neurodiversity’ to the diversity of brains, chromodiversity is a way to talk about the diversity of human genetic codes in a natural way. We introduced the term in 2022 as a way to depathologize the language of genetics at a time of increased screening and early diagnoses. 


Since then, the chromodiversity movement  has rapidly become one of the most trusted and effective voices dedicated to changing the way the world perceives and supports genetic diversity. Guided by an Advisory Board of visionary leaders & a global team of Brand Ambassadors, My XXY | Chromodiversity foundation is represented in over 30 countries & 10 US states.



Our Vision

Our vision is to create better futures for children and families around the world


Our Mission

Our mission is to change the way the world perceives and supports genetic difference


What They Say

"Terrific people, important initiative."

Eric Siebert, Global Healthcare Marketing Executive

"Celebrating difference as enriching us, not deficiency. Keep up the good work!"

Eric Endlich, PhD, Psychologist & Top College Consultant

"Absolutely love the life changing work My XXY Chromodiversity Foundation is doing."

Manal Sayid, MBA, Facilitator, Consultant & Trainer

"Flipping the script from deficit to difference: how important is this!"

Amy Cramb, Autistic Business Owner & Researcher

"This is a great initiative part of a big cause: celebrating diversity for more innovative cultures."

Fons Trompenaars, Thought Leader & Bestselling Author

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