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Assistive Tech on a Shoestring: 11 Community Favorites

Updated: May 26, 2022

➡️ #Lefties. All ages.

What: Lefty Scissors, Pens & Notebook. Why: cut & write straight. How much: ± $20. Where: Amazon (

➡️ Distracted readers. All ages.

What: Bionic Reading. Why: faster, easier reading. Where: How much: $7 - $15 apps.

➡️ Early age #Autistic / X&Y #Chromodivergent (#Klinefelters, #Jacobs, #TripleX, #Turners)

What: Emoface Play & Learn Emotions. Why: boost social skills. Where: App Store / Google Play. How much: ± $20 / mo.

🆓 #Audio overload issues. All ages.

What: closed captions. Why: limit audio #sensory input and #overstimulation. Where: social media apps. How much: FREE

🆓 #Accent recognition issues. Youth, adults.

What: #speech to #text. Why: extensive options to pick up different accents. Where: via #Google chrome. How much: FREE

🆓 Concise #writing issues. Youth, adults.

What: spelling, grammar, punctuation & tone. Why: makes writing look professional & concise. Where: How much: FREE (basic), ± $30 / mo. (premium). @grammarly

🆓 Neuro/chromodivergent Pros.

What: auto-generating how to guides. Why: fast way to share what you know. Where: How much: FREE (basic), ± $30 / mo. (pro).

🆓 Reading & writing issues. All ages.

What: grammar & vocabulary word prediction, speech recognition, #translation. Why: help get started writing (app / extension for iOS, Chrome, & Microsoft Edge). Where: (Writer Universal). How much: FREE (basic), ± $30 / mo. (pro).

🆓 Reading & sight issues . All ages.

What: reads #accessible & #inaccessible text aloud, levels vocabulary, translates. Why: easier writing, reading & education. Where: How much: FREE (trial), ± / $80 year (one computer).

🆓 Daily planning

What: Opus One Daily Planner. Why: Get things off your mind, reorder or prioritize tasks & events Where: How much: FREE (basic), ±$25/yr (premium).

🆓 Organize handwritten ideas

What: Rocketbook notebooks. Why: Capture, organize & upload handwritten ideas. Where: How much: FREE ( Standard: $16-50+


➡️ #Auditory processing (#ADP) issues. Youth & adults.

What: enhanced audio. Why: difficulty deciphering #sound or #adhd in class or #noisy environments. Where:

How Much: ± $500

➡️ #Visual processing issues. Youth & adults.

What: #Irlen spectral filters. Why: light #sensitivity overload (sometimes misdiagnosed as dyslexia). Where: How much: ± $750 incl. testing + options.

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